What Is the Link Between High Blood Pressure and ED?

link between high blood pressure and ED

You probably know by now that there is a link between high blood pressure and ED. But why does your blood pressure have an impact on your performance? Here we exaplain the effects of high blood pressure and its link to ED.

Blood Flow Problems

High blood pressure damages your arteries. As they become narrower, your blood can’t flow freely. This interferes with achieving an erection and may impact ejaculation as well.

Mood Problems

Men with high blood pressure might also experience lethargy and exhaustion. They can be under an unusual amount of stress because of health concerns. All these factors contribute to low libido.

Medication Problems

ED is a side effect of some types of blood pressure medication.

  • Diuretics, also known as water pills, can lower your testosterone levels because they use up the zinc that your body needs to regenerate testosterone. They can also disrupt blood flow.
  • Beta blockers, such as propranolol, frequently have ED as a side effect.

What Should You Do?

Most health care professionals know about the link between high blood pressure and ED. If you are experiencing any problems with your sex life, make sure the doctors who treat your blood pressure know about it.

Some men stop using their medication if they suspect that it is causing ED. This can cause a number of problems, particularly for those who stop cold turkey. Your doctor can help you find medication without any sexual side effects.

The best way to fight ED is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many of the solutions that help with blood pressure issues – for example, weight loss – will also help you get your sex life back in order.


In many cases, the link between high blood pressure and ED comes down to blood flow issues and general fatigue. Sometimes, ED may also be caused by medication. If you stay in good shape and consult with your doctor, you will most likely lessen these effects and succeed in increasing your virility.

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