Want a Stronger Back? Try These 3 Exercises

Our back is an important part of our body and it works hard. It’s not a surprise that according to the National Institutes of Health, one in four Americans suffer from at least one day of back pain every three months. It is of great importance, then, that we spend time to strengthen our back so that we don’t end up the one of the four that has back pain.

3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Back

These exercises are simple and can be done anywhere. All you will need are two dumbbells of medium weight.

Reverse Fly

For this exercise you need to bend at the waist, keeping your legs from bending and keep your back flat, parallel to the floor. With a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing each other and arms hanging toward the floor, squeeze your shoulders together, and pull your arms away from each other until they are in line with your shoulder blades. It looks like you are playing airplane if you are doing it right. Do three sets of 12.

Bent Over Row

This exercise starts in the same position as the reverse fly but your palms will be facing your body with a dumbbell in each hand. Again, squeeze your shoulder blades together but bend your elbows and pull the weights in toward your chest. Do three sets of 12 for these as well.

The Swan

For this exe, ciseve you won’t need the dumbbells but you might want a mat or blanket under you. Lie flat on your stomach with your arms to your sides. Lift your chest and feet off the ground. You may not be able to lift much but as long as you are up off the floor you are working your back. Do the same with your arms in front of you. Repeat 15 times.

Build Shoulders Like Boulders

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