Intimacy in the Relationship: Physical and Emotional Benefits

benefits of intimacy

Being in a committed relationship doesn’t automatically guarantee intimacy. Intimacy requires a connection to your significant other. Sometimes you have to work at it. But, there are certain benefits of intimacy you don’t get anywhere else.

Emotional Benefits

One of the key aspects to a successful relationship is communication. Unfortunately, most complications in relationships come up because of poor or lack of communication. One of the emotional benefits of an intimate relationship is that feeling of closeness and connection with another person.

According to experts, couples in an intimate relationship are more willing to endure challenges. An emotionally intimate couple are eager to work through problems. Couples that are not emotionally intimate inevitably go their separate ways. Unfortunately, they can’t resolve challenges in their relationship together.

Emotionally bonded couples also share a mutual respect, which helps when challenges come up. If you respect your partner, and vice versa, you consider your partner’s thoughts and feelings. When communicating openly, you can settle problems together.

Physical Benefits

Additionally, couples are also not as stressed out as their counterparts who don’t have an emotional intimacy. Research shows that connecting with your partner alleviates harmful levels of stress that would make you at risk for serious health diseases.

When you are happy, your body releases oxytocin which makes you feel better too. This elation promotes happy all-around health.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits of intimacy, yet many people have difficulty establishing it in their relationships. Intimacy is a trust exchange. It means being vulnerable with another person. Many people feel like that level of openness is not worth the risk. But, the emotional and physical benefits outweigh any reticence.

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