The Main Health Benefits of Frequent Exercise

health benefits of regular physical activity

It’s hardly news that regular exercise keeps us healthy. With emerging evidence about different effects regular physical activity may have on our body, we have come to realize that even moderate activities like walking can do wonders for our health. These effects seem to go much further than just losing weight and improving our mood.

So, what are the health benefits of regular physical activity?

It Improves Our Cardiovascular Health

As we get older, our cholesterol level increases. Along with high blood pressure and triglycerides, high cholesterol levels are the leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Research shows that regular physical activity can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, a Finnish study found that a sedentary lifestyle is connected with total and cardiovascular disease mortality.

It Lowers the Risk of Diabetes

Aerobic and resistance training could reduce our diabetes risk by as much as 58%. The researchers of the American College of Sports Medicine found that physical activity improves our insulin action and blood glucose management. Additionally, they confirmed that exercise also positively affects our blood pressure, quality of life, and longevity.

It Reduces Inflammation

Regular exercise has shown to be effective in regulating the levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) – a marker of inflammation. A study by the University of Alabama found that engaging in physical activity reduces the levels of CRP, while a decrease in BMI accompanies the best improvements in CRP levels.

It Reduces the Risk of Colon Cancer

One of the recently discovered health benefits of exercise is that it may reduce the risk of colon cancer. The study by the University of Utah found that an estimated 12-14% of colorectal cancer cases can be attributed to a lack of physical activity. Combined with healthy, fiber-rich diet, regular exercise can be a good way to avoid this disease.

Final Word

Given these points, it is clear that the health benefits of exercise are much more important than you may think. Find the time for regular workouts, and you’re already one big step closer to a long and healthy life.

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