5 Possible Reasons Why You Wake Up at Night to Go to the Bathroom

waking up at night to urinate

Do you find yourself constantly waking up at night to urinate?

If so, you may suffer from nocturia. This condition may lead to you getting out of bed two or three times per night to go to the toilet. Such disruptions to your sleep patterns can have serious ramifications.

Here are five reasons why you might find yourself repeatedly waking up at night to urinate.

1. Sleep Apnea

There’s often an underlying issue to your nocturia. Sleep apnea is among the most common.

This condition causes you to stop breathing briefly while sleeping. You’ll wake up, often going to the toilet afterward. In fact, a recent study linked nocturia to sleep apnea.

2. Medications

Any medication that acts as a diuretic can cause problems. This includes common medications used to treat blood pressure and swelling.

Check the medication and ask a doctor about the side-effects. Avoid taking the medication just before bed if it causes nocturia.

3. Diabetes

Several studies link diabetes to constant urination. This happens because your kidneys process your blood sugar too quickly. This opens the way for water.

Urinating constantly both day and night may be a sign that you have Type-2 diabetes.

4. Your Drinking Habits

Drinking just before bed naturally leads to more urination. Furthermore, what you drink also affects. As diuretics, both coffee and alcohol may cause you to urinate repeatedly during the night.

Don’t drink any liquids for two hours before bed. You’ve found your culprit if the need to urinate stops.

5. Bladder Irritation

The things you put into your body may irritate your bladder. This includes alcohol and spicy foods.

Urinary tract infections also cause irritation. These irritations can lead to your brain thinking you need to urinate when you don’t.

Final Word

There may be several reasons why you’re waking up at night to urinate. Consider these possibilities and talk to your doctor if you’re unsure.

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