Acknowledging Your ED Might Improve Your Romantic Relationship

As one of the most common types of sexual dysfunctions, erectile dysfunction is currently affecting more and more men of different ages, not just ages 50+, as it was initially believed. Although it can appear in young individuals as well, middle-aged men suffer from it more frequently. Needless to say, ED can be a real cause of frustration on both a personal level, but also inside a relationship. However, handled in a certain way by both partners, this issue can be managed with success and overcome.

1. ED – How is it influencing your relationship?

ED has a vaster implication than the reduced amount of sexual interaction between partners. Both of them are very likely to experience acute feelings of blame, anger and guilt. Needless to say the relationship and the partners’ dynamic will certainly deteriorate. Both sides will experience the same feelings, but at a different amplitude.

  • A common impact of ED is the feeling of blame. The partner that suffers from ED will most likely blame himself for his inability to maintain an erection, while the other party will more likely blame themselves for not being able to stimulate their partner. In some cases, each partner will blame the other for this issue. In all cases, the relationship is very likely to deteriorate significantly in time. A common statement in these situations is “I’ve never had this problem before you.” While the man is most likely trying to excuse himself, it will accidentally create a storm of negative emotions for the other party. Likewise, women tend to ask their partners if the attraction for them is lost, and in this way they create a pressure to perform in the future, which will accentuate the ED even more.
  • Anger will most likely set in after a period in which the couple struggled with the issue. The anger is generally directed toward the other party, and it is generated by frustration.
  • Guilt is yet another destructive emotion for those in a relationship in which one of the partners is suffering from ED.

2. Combat the impact of ED with these tips

It is not mandatory for the issues listed above to emerge in a relationship in which one of the partners is suffering from erectile dysfunction.

  • If both partners acknowledge that there is an issue that affects both of them, the chances that the couple has to survive increase considerably. As a male in this circumstance, this will give them the certainty that their significant other understands the issue and supports them without blame.
  • Also, open dialogue about the issue will encourage the male to seek professional attention and determine the source of their issue, whether it’s psychological, or simply physical.
  • Cure chances increase when both partners are on common ground and have a healthy attitude towards the issue. A great advice regarding erectile dysfunction is to treat it like you would any other medical condition.
  • Discuss it openly with your partner and seek help together.
  • Also, engage in sex more frequently. Recent research has shown that this will improve your state.

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