Take Control of Your ED with These Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips

Erectile dysfunction can be quite scary, and although all men out there dread the idea of dealing with this type of problem, what the majority fails to understand is that this condition is usually triggered by poor lifestyle choices. Once you are diagnosed with ED, you have the possibility to seek actual medical treatment, but there are a few things you can also do in order to maintain the symptoms of the condition to minimum, and prevent them from affecting your life quality. These are the nutrition and lifestyle advice you should know about when erectile dysfunction has started to become a concern:

Include these foods in your diet

Your dietary choices might have been the ones that have put you in a position to worry about ED in the first place, so it’s better late than never to start giving your diet more of your attention and thought. Here are the foods that you should eat with regularity, which may not prevent, nor fix ED, but can do wonders in terms of ameliorating it:

  • Green, leafy vegetables – from celery to spinach, green vegetables are said to increase circulation, having a high concentration of nitrates. Increasing blood flow and opening up vessels have a positive effect on ED, and nitrates are known for being vasodilators.
  • Dark chocolate – erection problems are triggered by poor blood circulation, and specialists say that flavonoids help with circulation issues, and more exactly the flavonoids found in dark chocolate.
  • Pistachios – being rich in protein, pistachios consumption can lead an increase in sexual desire, sexual satisfaction and improved ED.
  • Oysters – having a high level of mineral zinc, which plays a role in the production of testosterone, oysters should be part of your regular diet plan.

Change your sedentary way of living – start exercising!

Lack of physical activity can also be a major factor in the appearance of erectile dysfunction. If you have been a sedentary type of person your entire life, this might have also triggered your sexual performance problems. Even a 30 minute a day walk can make a change for the better, so try becoming a more active person and begin focusing on workouts more often. You will certainly notice an improvement in the bedroom.

It’s time to give up on bad habits!

Yes, that’s right, as hard as it may be, if your sexual life is more important to you than your vices(and it probably is), saying goodbye to bad habits is necessary! Smoking and excessive drinking also affect a man’ sex life. Whether it is an addiction to nicotine or a daily consumption of alcohol, try to give up on any bad habits that you know might be affecting your performance in the bedroom. If you read a few studies on the subject, you will find out that men who smoke or have a drinking problem are more likely to experience ED, but it is never too late to make changes in these departments and thus notice your symptoms ameliorating.

Stay sexually active

If you have started to experience erectile dysfunction symptoms when engaging in sexual activities, you can easily become frustrated and might be tempted to avoid sexual intimacy all together, but this is a mistake that needs to be avoided. Although your rejections might not be firm enough or long lasting, regular sexual arousal is important, stimulating the blood flow and helping improve ED.

Whether erectile dysfunction has already become a constant concern in your life, and is affecting your intimate relationships, or you are simply worried to not deal with an aggravating phase of ED in the near future, knowing some advice on the subject will certainly help you out. The above mentioned nutrition and lifestyle tips should be followed by men in general, but they become of greater importance for those diagnosed with ED or predisposed to this type of condition.

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