These Psychological Factors May Be Causing Your ED

A majority of men will have to deal with erectile dysfunction (ED) at some point in their lives. Many factors cause ED including psychological and interpersonal issues. Luckily, for those suffering from psychological ED, the issue may only be temporary and resolved without intervention.

Once a doctor has ruled out any physical issues like high blood pressure or heart disease, it is important to find out what psychological factors may be causing your ED.

Here are two of the most common psychological causes of erectile dysfunction:

Performance Anxiety

Especially in newer relationships, a man may feel irrational pressure to perform extraordinarily during intercourse. The nervousness and anxiety brought on by the fixation on performing well may lead to erection troubles.

Also, if a man had erectile dysfunction issues in the past, the anxiety about it happening again could be overwhelming. The more anxious a man gets about his sexual performance, the worse the problem becomes. This creates a vicious cycle of anxiety and erectile dysfunction easily troubling any relationship.

If you suffer from performance anxiety, have an honest conversation with your partner. Talk about your fears. Sometimes your partner’s support and assurance will be the help you need to break the performance anxiety cycle.

If the problem persists, see your doctor or consider psychotherapy. Their advice and guidance may help you address the core issues affecting your sexual performance.


Stress is hard on the body. Issues with work, school, finances, and family may all play a role in a man’s bedroom performance. When trying to deal with and solve life’s struggles, it may be harder to focus on intercourse.

Furthermore, chronic stress affects the body’s hormones. It increases the body’s stress hormone, Cortisol, which could lead to sexual problems. In addition, testosterone–a hormone necessary for erection health– levels could drop.

Do your best to manage the stress in your life. Even simple things like journaling or making a to-do list could help get some stressful thoughts out of your head. Find a good support network and talk to a doctor or psychologist about ways to manage stress.

Don’t feel alone if you struggle with erectile dysfunction. By talking with your partner, doctor, or a therapist, you may be able to break through your mental blocks to refresh your confidence in bed.

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