Manage Your Stress to Manage ED

Although it may not seem like it, stress serves a valuable function. It keeps us abreast of danger. However, there are times when stress malfunctions, when it builds up and makes us stressed out.

You’re likely already familiar with what being stressed out feels like. You may already know about the negative health effects it can have. You can lose sleep and even put on weight when you’re stressed out.

However, you might not have considered the effect that stress can have on your sexual performance–the way it can contribute to erectile dysfunction. In fact, erectile dysfunction is only one of many physical effects stress can cause.

If you’re experiencing too much stress, you probably already know it. You may have noticed the physical effects–the easiest to spot–or you may have even noticed emotional effects. Maybe you’re short-tempered or feel like you can’t concentrate.

If you have noticed stress-related side effects, it may be contributing to your erectile dysfunction. The simplest solution, in that case, is to find ways to relieve your stress. Of course, there are some stressors that you can’t get around. Some of these stressors may include major life events like a death in the family, illness, or troubles at work.

It’s true that you can’t control events like these, but that’s the first step to dealing with them. Admitting that you cannot control everything in your life might relieve a lot of your stress. You can move on to dealing with your stress once you’ve acknowledged it.

Ways to do that include talking to other people, for example. You might find counseling helpful. Take responsibility for what you can, but ask for help when you need it.

Finding positive ways to relieve stress is another tool. First, make it a point to get regular exercise and eat well. Then make time to relax. You’re not a machine–you’re a person, and your self-care begins with you.

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