Finding the Balance: How to Be Romantic Without Overdoing It

most romantic gestures

Romance is what keeps the relationship alive and unpredictable. And sure, watching Netflix while cuddling and eating junk food can sometimes be all you need, but surprising her with a nice gesture can light up her face and make you both remember how much you care for each other. But, sometimes men can get carried away with some over-the-top gesture that just makes the girl uncomfortable. The most romantic gestures are often the simplest ones.

It’s All About Her

Taking her on a cross-country flight to an exclusive restaurant might make you feel like the best boyfriend in the world, but it may not be what she wants. Although studies show that boredom often leads to less satisfaction in the long-term, the most romantic gestures don’t have to be too dramatic. Take notice of the things she likes and use that to your advantage. Taking her to a concert of her favorite band, or cooking her favorite food can both be great options.

It’s the Thought That Counts

Research shows that feeling special makes us feel more sexually desirable, which can be the key to long-term happiness. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you mean it. Being romantic doesn’t mean you have to act like a character from a cheesy romantic comedy. Be yourself, and do something that doesn’t make you uncomfortable – she’ll be able to see right through it.

Intimacy Is Key

Buying her flowers and chocolate may be cute, but it’s more often perceived as cliché and devoid of any meaning. Giving her a massage, or making her breakfast and coffee in the morning, is a much more intimate experience than simply buying her things. It shows you are willing to invest time in her, without getting anything in return.

The Bottom Line

Remember, going for the most romantic gestures can often end up feeling unnatural and uncomfortable for both you and your girlfriend. The romance of a gesture comes from the thought and feelings behind it. Be genuine and honest – no girl in the whole world wouldn’t appreciate that.

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