How Taking up Sports Could Improve Your Online Dating Game

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Since the online dating craze started, we’re always looking for ways to get a competitive edge and improve our profiles. From writing creative bios to posting impressive pictures and achievements, many things have been suggested as great ways to improve your online dating game. It stands to reason that an active, sporty lifestyle can appeal to potential partners and improve your chances.

But how exactly do sports help you get more matches?

It Improves Your Physique

The most obvious answer here is that playing sports or following a workout regime can do wonders for your figure and make you look more appealing. This may seem like nothing new, since broad shoulders, narrow waist, and chiseled abs have always been implied as popular physical traits. However, there’s science that supports this.

A study by the Griffith University in Queensland, Australia found that upper body strength seems to be a key factor in male attractiveness. So, taking up sports or working out may improve your chances and help you get more matches by strengthening your upper body.

It Has Been Proven to Work

Other than improving your physique, playing sports can help you get more matches on its own. Researchers from created fake profiles which included different sports in their bios, as well as a profile that doesn’t mention any sport whatsoever. Sporty profiles received 94.2 matches, compared to 57 matches for the profile that didn’t have a sports background.

Rugby, weightlifting, and golf were perceived as the most appealing sports. However, the research was conducted in the UK, so we have to take into consideration some cultural factors.

Final Word

The usage of online and mobile dating apps has tripled in certain age groups since 2013, so it’s clear that it has become a competitive market with plenty of options to choose from. But, now that you know what works, put on your workout clothes, update your profile, and get ready to get more matches!

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