ED and Your Brain: Is ED Psychological?

Your mental health may have an important role to play if you struggle with ED. Men generally tend to think that if they struggle with erectile dysfunction, there is something wrong with their reproductive system. Which, in many cases is untrue. The number of men struggling with anxiety and depression that also experience some sort of erectile dysfunction is enormous, the symptoms usually disappearing once they begin an antidepressant therapy. This means that the root of their issue is not physiological, but mental. Below you will find more information regarding your mental health and ED.

Stressed? Too excited? Depressed? This is why you may experience ED

The psychological causes of ED are multiple, generally revolving around stress, anxiety, and depression. Below is a short list of psychological causes of ED.

  • Anxiety – Although it is a common belief that psychological issues only reflect on a person’s mind, there are also physical effects. Anxiety, for instance, increases the heart rate to dangerous levels and might cause a series of other physical issues, such as fatigue and unstable blood pressure, which may result in ED. In many cases of ED of psychological nature, anxiety is the source of the syndrome.
  • Depression – in many cases, depression is caused by a chemical imbalance that takes place in the brain. And unfortunately, depression decreases sexual desire and performance at the same time. While males are reluctant to acknowledging their depression and seeing a professional at the same time, they often remain undiagnosed, and their erections inexistent until solving the issue. The good news is, you will regain your virility once you receive professional help and treatment.
  • Relationship issues – yet another stressor for an increasing number of males and the cause of ED in many cases, relationship trouble is often at the root of many cases of ED. Frequent arguing or unhappiness inside the couple may be enough to lose all your interest in your romantic partner and sexual activities in general. And this is when ED emerges. Seeing a counselor and solving your couple issues may be enough to get rid of ED.
  • Fear of more ED “accidents” – ED “accidents” happen. Maybe you were with a new partner and anxiety and excitement made it impossible for you to get an erection. This is normal, but now, in your brain, the fear of further “failures” installs. Yes, these accidents will somehow decrease one’s self-esteem, but keep in mind that these are normal. A cycle will emerge only if you let it. Treat the situation with a little humor and a positive attitude, especially if your partner is doing the same. However, if the cycle continues, you should see a specialist. A counselor would be great.

How to tell if your ED is caused by psychological factors?

In many cases, men can easily figure out if their ED is caused by psychological factors if they are able to get an erection in their own company, but in the company of their partners cannot. This is not a general rule, but it’s a starting point. If we are not speaking about depression, it’s a safe method.

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