5 Thing You Should Do After Ending a Relationship

“Breaking up is hard to do,” is a common saying. Another hard thing about a break-up is “picking up the shattered pieces.” Studies have shown men have a harder time than women to get over a break-up. Some common scenarios after a break-up are drinking the loneliness away and (worse of all) drunken calling or texting of the ex. All-in-all, these are unhealthy ways to get over an ex. Here are some tips to help overcome heartbreak:

1. No Communication

This step is important when it comes to getting her out of your system. No communication means no texting, calling, emailing, or liking her posts on social media. Speaking of social media, unfriend her on all platforms and delete her number off your phone.

2. Delete or destroy old photos

Like the title says, purge all electronic and paper photos. Other men have also claimed taking things that remind you of her, such as CDs you both listened to or the sports team hoodie she bought you, to Goodwill. Stashing these items and pictures somewhere in the house will most likely lead you to reminisce about her.

3. Do not fall for “let’s be friends”

“Let’s be friends” is a common statement to come out of a break-up. It’s a trap that will lead to some awkward times and mixed feelings. It’s OK to be friends with an ex, and there are men who have successful friendships with their exes. The best time to see if a friendship is double is 60 days after the break-up.

4. Refrain from alcohol

Intoxication sounds like a great idea at the moment, but it brings on consequences, such as hangovers, weight gain, and pathetic feeling. Instead, hand out with an old friend or go to the gym.

5. Pick up a new or old activity

Take advantage of reevaluating and rebuilding your life. Is there an activity that you stopped doing when you two were dating? Pick it back up. Is there a hobby or interest that you been meaning to try? Now, this is the perfect time for it.

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