ED – A Nightmare for All Men


Are you unable to hold your erection long enough, sustain the firmness and have no desire to engage in sexual activity?Having persistent challenges in keeping your penis erect to enjoy having sex is what is referred to as erectile dysfunction. It can be an embarrassing issue to sit and discuss it with your love partner. However, here is essential information to aid you out if facing erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction: what it is?

It is both a medical and a psychological or psychosocial situation that male individuals find themselves in.  It can also be a combination of the two issues; this results in failure of your penis erecting or sustaining the firmness when having sexual intercourse.

  • Medical conditions

Change in one of the body processes, facing medical challenges and conditions such as heart attacks, high blood pressure among others.

  • Psychological or psychosocial issues

It is said that sexual arousal for men is not only a physical thing; it is also a mental thing. If the brain is engaged in other things such as stressful working conditions, higher anxiety levels, or relationship troubles, the higher the risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

  • Combination

Sometimes, what results in erectile dysfunction is both psychological and medical. These reasons overlap causing ED. Imagine an individual with low self-esteem and obese; he is at a risk of developing high blood pressure resulting in changes in his blood flow system. This definitely impacts on his ability to sustain or even have an erection.

Erectile Dysfunction: treatable or not?

Well, every condition has a way to ease down the effects, eliminate them entirely and in some cases, learn to supplement and achieve the desired final results. Erectile dysfunction being a result of both medical and psychological issues is treatable both medically and socially or psychologically.

Medical treatments occur through:

  • Issuance of supplements
  • Treatment of the underlying medical conditions such as heart attacks, opening up of clogged blood vessels among others.

Psychological issues are treated through:

  • Increasing communication between partners is that is the stress factor
  • Pressure release factors such as exercising, yoga etc.
  • Avoiding any factor that will engage your brain and diminish your sexual desire.


Erectile dysfunction is not a permanent medical condition. It is one that can be prevented and avoided is so desired. Therefore, it is advisable to prevent any risk factors, limit and prevent catching medical conditions and psychological issues that may cause it. With this, you will have no trouble having sex and sustaining your erection for longer even when being intimate.

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