5 Reasons Why Being Single Might Actually Be Good for You

being single can be good for you

There seems to be a lot of stigma connected to being single – people often like to point out the advantages of being married and starting a family. However, in this article, we will be focusing on how being single can be good for you.

Better Weight Control

One study found that, while married people may eat better, single people tend to weigh less and engage in more sports activities. The scientists found that the BMI of single people differed by two kilograms from married ones.

You Feel Free

If you feel comfortable being alone, there are several studies that explain why this might be the case. One of those studies found that solitude may be connected to better friendships and a sense of freedom.

It Promotes Psychological Growth

One of the main reasons why being single can be good for you is personal development. Research shows that single people have a strong feeling of self-determination and experience personal development and psychological growth.

It Improves Your Fitness Habits

Single people aren’t only more fit, but they are also more likely to engage in physical activity. According to one study, married men spend close to five hours exercising over a period of two weeks, compared to over eight hours for single men.

You’re More Sociable

Research shows that single people have better social connections than married people. They are also more likely to help their parents and keep i touch with friends and siblings.

The Bottom Line

Being single can be good for you in many ways – from physical to mental. So, if you feel comfortable and happy being single, there is no need to rush into a relationship just because of social pressure.

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