5 Myths of ED


There is a lot of information available online concerning erectile dysfunction, but the major challenge is the amount of falsehood circulated. Reading about miracle drugs online isn’t going to do your penis any good. Lately, the myriad volume of information online coupled with the general hesitance to talk about erectile dysfunction has created several myths. The most circulated myths about erectile dysfunction and the truths are clarified below:

#1. It only affects older men

The truth be said, the risk of getting erectile dysfunction increases with age. However, this doesn’t mean that younger males cannot get it. According to a research work published by the American Journal of Science, 15% of men aged between 20 – 39 years find it difficult to maintain an erection. For men aged 40 – 59 years, this frequency increases to 20%. However, various supplements and drugs are available to tackle this issue.

#2. Surgery is the only solution to erectile dysfunction

Surgery is not the only solution to erectile dysfunction. Many enhancement products can solve the problem without any side-effects. There are also specialists that can diagnose and treat erectile dysfunction without needing surgery. Surgery should be regarded as a last resort as it can end up disrupting some bodily functions.

#3. Erectile dysfunction is irreversible

With the help of various medical treatments, erectile dysfunction is treatable. Routine health measures such as exercise, quitting smoking and weight loss can contribute to improving the erectile performance of victims. Counselling therapy is another way out if the primary cause is psychological.

#4. You have erectile dysfunction if you once struggled in the bedroom

This is a very popular myth that should be ignored. A bad night in bed should not be a course of concern. A bad night can be as a result of several temporary problems such as over drinking and workplace fatigue. However, if this issue persists for months, it probably indicates the presence of a major problem.

#5. Erectile dysfunction is all in the mind

ED is not always caused by psychological issues such as lack of self-confidence. Erectile dysfunction can be as a result of diabetes, spinal cord injury, high blood pressure and other major ailments. Therefore, treating the underlying ailments should be a priority.

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