5 Important Goals to Improve Your Diet


When we decide to eat better and smarter we feel great about our decision and excited to see the great results, like increased energy, a smaller waistline, and many more but we may feel a little lost at where to start. Of course, we know to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables but what else?

Here are five important goals to set when you decide you improve your diet and don’t know where to start:

Eat at Home

Eating out is easier but you don’t really know what you are eating, even when you try to order something healthy. Cooking you own food gives you the power and knowledge of exactly what you are eating. You can count your calories, nutrients, and control the quality of food. It doesn’t have to be elaborate but include a protein, complex carbohydrate, and plenty of choices of vegetables.

Try Something New

We all have our favorite foods but eating new foods, especially eating seasonally, will not only ensure you get all the different vitamins and minerals that each food contains but also foods that are freshest and most nutritious. The easiest way to do this is to plan your week menu ahead of time. Try new recipes each week based on what vegetable you find at your local farmers market.

Snack within Limits

You can eat healthy at each meal but if you snack in between meals without restraint you aren’t doing yourself any good. Your snacks should be less than 200 calories each and contain energizing foods that satisfy. This includes things like nuts and seeds that give healthy fats along with protein.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Mornings are usually a busy time for most people, rushing out the door hoping not to be late. Many times breakfast is forgotten or skipped intentionally because they think it will be less calories eaten during the day but that is faulty thinking. Skipping breakfast will give you less focus, less energy, and more ravenous munchies throughout the day.

Eat Whole Grains

Swapping your white rice for brown rice or pasta for whole wheat    pasta may take some getting used to but definitely worth it. Whole grains contain much  more fiber and nutrition than its white starchy counterparts.

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