5 Beard Grooming Mistakes You Should Avoid

Why can’t I grow a beard

Taking care of your beard is no easy task. However, many men don’t pay enough attention to their beards and end up experiencing problems like beard dandruff. To prevent you from doing the same, here are some beard grooming mistakes you should avoid.

Using Regular Shampoo

Since regular shampoo is specifically designed for the scalp, it can damage your beard and your face. So, instead of using the same shampoo for your hair and your face, invest in a special beard wash that has natural ingredients.

Always Pulling on It

Whether it’s out of boredom, anxiety, or pleasure, some men tend to play around with their beards and pull on the hair. While this doesn’t necessarily have to be diagnosed as trichotillomania, there is no doubt it can damage your beard and make for an ugly look.

Not Moisturizing It

Washing your beard is not enough, especially if you have a long, Viking-like beard. Investing in a good moisturizer or an oil will keep your beard healthy and silky smooth. Research shows that products with coconut oil could be the most beneficial for hair health.

Using a Hair Brush

However long your beard might be, combing it with a hair brush won’t do you any good. Look for a good beard brush or comb that is specifically designed to reach those short hairs on your beard.

Not Trimming Your Neck

Nobody likes to see an untidy neck beard. Tapper your neckline with a trimmer and avoid going too high, as this can destroy your beard uniformity.


So, there you go – the most common beard grooming mistakes. Avoid making these mistakes and invest in some quality natural products for a healthy, neat beard.

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