5 Things Women Want in a Man, According to Science

things women want in men

Both men and women are constantly looking for ways to appear more attractive to each other. This endeavor is arguably harder for men, as there are conflicting opinions on what women find attractive. So, here are some things women want in men, backed up by scientific research.

A Sense of Humor

People often point out that a sense of humor is one of the basic things they look for in a partner. However, women may find humor even more important than men do. Research suggests that female brains react to humor more strongly and are more pleased when they get the punch line of a joke.

Being Tall

Bad news for all short guys out there – women seem to prefer tall men. The mainstream psychological explanation for this behavior is that, from an evolutionary standpoint, women feel that larger men can protect them better.

Facial Hair

While lumberjack beards are getting more popularity among men, women seem to disagree with this trend. In one Australian study, women rated heavy stubble (a 10-day beard) higher than having a full beard or having no facial hair.

Facial Symmetry

Having a symmetrical face can also improve your chances with the ladies. Scientists suspect that this may be because facial symmetry shows good genetics or because things in nature are generally symmetric.


Having prominent jaw and brow bones shows that you have higher testosterone levels, which women seem to find more attractive. The reason for this could be because high testosterone levels are a sign of less oxidative stress and a healthy immune system.


Focus on these basic things women want in men to improve your chances with the ladies. And, while you can’t force yourself to grow taller or change your facial structure, there are certainly some things you can do to appear more attractive.

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