3 Expert Tips to Prevent Beard Dandruff

tips to prevent beard dandruff

Ask anybody who’s done it, and they’ll all tell you the same – growing a strong, thick beard requires a lot of patience, dedication, and care. One of the biggest enemies of a glorious beard is dandruff. And, just like hair dandruff, beard dandruff can easily be avoided by taking care of your hygiene and using the right products.

Here are three expert tips to prevent beard dandruff.

1. Use Beard Oil for Moisturizing

Using a regular moisturizer can be hard if you have a particularly thick beard – making sure that the creamy substance reaches your skin is always tricky. That’s why it could be better and easier to use oil. Many products have a combination of natural oils like coconut oil and almond oil which can do wonders not only for your beard texture, but for your skin as well.

2. Use a Beard Brush to Exfoliate

A beard brush will help you distribute oils, detangle knots, and exfoliate the skin. By using a brush, you will bring dandruff to the surface. It’s important to do this before a shower or before you start cleansing. Once you lift this dead skin from the face, you’re ready for the next step.

3. Use a Lactic Acid Cleanser

When you bring the flaky skin to the surface, you need something to dissolve it. This is where cleansers with lactic acid come in. It will remove the dead skin layer and pave the way for new, healthy dermis.

Final Word

Follow these tips to prevent beard dandruff, and you’ll start seeing results in no time. Remember that taking care of your beard is a key hygiene task, rather than a cosmetic routine you can avoid if you feel like it.

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