5 Ways to Turn Your New Workout Routine Into a Habit

turn your workout into a habit

Motivating yourself to go to the gym only works for the first month. After that, discipline is key – your time in the gym has to become a habit, rather than a special event. Here is how you can turn your workout into a habit.

Create an Enjoyable Workout

Every workout has to include some level of physical discomfort. However, with so many exercises to choose from, go for the ones you enjoy performing. For example, if you hate doing pull-ups, swap them out for lat pull-downs until you develop strength and pull-ups become fun.

Have Special Clothes

To get into the right mindset, you can buy a set of clothes and dedicate it to your workout. Not only will you feel more confident and comfortable, but this will act as your “uniform” and you will feel a sense of obligation to yourself.

Have a Plan

Too many people walk into the gym and start choosing exercises randomly. This uncertainty can kill your motivation. Choose a reliable plan focused on compound exercises and you’ll turn your workout into a habit in no time.

Strive for Consistency

Make it your priority to never miss a workout, no matter how you feel or how much time you have. A 30-minute, inefficient workout where you struggle to lift 70% of the weight you lifted yesterday is still better than no workout at all.

Have a Goal

Working out for something can help you stay motivated. Even if it’s something like “I want to look good with my shirt off”, write it down as a reminder and read it every time you feel like skipping a workout.


Follow these simple steps and you’ll turn your workout into a habit easily. The benefits of physical exercise are many and there is no reason you should miss out on them because of your laziness.

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