Why Resting Is Essential to the Success of Your Fitness Routine

why resting is important for workouts

If you’re not completely new to bodybuilding, you probably know that a quality workout plan, proper nutrition, and adequate rest are all very important for muscle building. But, while exercises and nutrition are well-researched, many people don’t understand what makes rest so crucial.

In this article, we will be explaining why resting is important for workouts.

1. It Helps You Build Strength

If you’re going for larger weights and constantly pushing your limits, you may benefit from taking longer rest intervals between sets. Research suggests that, if your goal is maximum strength, a minute between sets should be enough. For a psychological effect and more safety, you may even include three to five-minute rest intervals.

On the other hand, if your goal is hypertrophy you might benefit from shorter rest intervals.

2. It Helps You Build Muscle

One of the key reasons why resting is important for workouts is its role in muscle building. While resting, your muscles take time off to build and grow stronger. To do this, they need proper fuel in the form of proteins and healthy vitamins. The key protein in this process is glycogen, which needs around 24 hours to get close to pre-workout levels.

3. It Helps You Beat Soreness

When you go hard at the gym it’s not uncommon to feel muscle soreness the whole next day. Resting and drinking a lot of water is crucial during this period. Not only that, but an increased rest interval between sets can also help you feel less sore the next day.


So, that’s why resting is important for workouts. Although you need to break your muscles down in order for them to grow, give your body and mind enough time to rest between sets and workouts so you can enjoy your workouts and muscle building process.

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