What Time of Day Is Best for Working Out?

best time to exercise

Jobs and everyday responsibilities can affect our workout routines – we often end up working out early in the morning or late in the evening so that we can fit our workouts into our busy schedules. But if you do have the flexibility to move your workout sessions around, you must be wondering what time of the day is best for working out.

So, what is the best time to exercise?

Afternoon Exercise Benefits

If you have a morning job or you just don’t like getting up early, you’re probably doing your workouts in the afternoon. Luckily for you, research shows that our muscle performance and power may be at its highest in the afternoon. This is because our body temperature tends to rise in the afternoon, and higher body temperature has a warm-up effect which improves muscle contractility.

Another reason why afternoon workouts may yield better results is our testosterone levels. It’s well known that testosterone plays a vital role in strength and muscle development. Studies show that our bodies produce more testosterone during late afternoon workouts, which means that afternoon might be the best time to exercise.

Morning Exercise Benefits

However, if you do have to work out in the morning, don’t worry – morning workouts have their own perks.

For instance, this study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that morning exercise positively affects our quality of sleep. Exercise increases our blood pressure, which may disrupt our sleep since our BP needs to be lower when we’re sleeping.

The Bottom Line

Whether you prefer to do your workouts in the morning or late afternoon, one thing is certain – your body will gradually adapt to the routine, and your favorite time to exercise will eventually become the best time to exercise.

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