The Two Best Exercises to Increase Knee Strength

Knee pain is so common that most people just accept the pain and work through it, or avoid exercise altogether. If you are having complications bending and doing movements that engage the knee joint or muscles around the knee, there are exercises that you can do to improve your situation.

Allowing your knees to continue to deteriorate can lead to many other complications. Make sure to get checked by a doctor is your knee pain is severe.

Here are two exercise that you can incorporate into your weekly workout routine to increase strength in your knees and the supporting muscles:

Walking Lunge

To do this move you simply perform a lunge to the front with the right foot forward.  Instead of pushing back up and starting again with the other foot you simply bring the left foot forward and hinge your right knee down to now be the stabilizing foot.

With each step forward, make sure you have a 90-degree angle in both knees and you aren’t putting your knees over your toes.

You can increase the difficulty of these moves by adding weights. You can use dumbbells in each hand or a bar overhead. Whatever you do, don’t sacrifice good form for more difficulty. Focus on your knees. You should feel some work in the muscle but don’t overwork them.

Lateral Walks with Resistance Band

This move is very simple but with the added resistance of the bands, you can really work your muscles.

All you need is a resistance band placed around your thighs slightly above the knees and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keeping your legs apart from each other, walk 10 steps to the left.

Next take 10 steps to the right and you are back to starting position. Repeat this cycle until you feel your muscles burn.

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