The Psychological Causes of ED and How to Overcome Them

Experiencing erectile dysfunction episodes can impact several area of a man’s life. From dealing with relationship problems, to not being able to focus on work due to the overthinking of this situation, your ED might have completely changed your quality of life for the worse. However, in order to effectively treat this condition, and become once again as sexually active as you desire, you need to first get to the root of the problem. If you believe that your physical health is in a top notch condition, and there are no other medical issues that might be causing your ED symptoms, perhaps the inability to get or maintain an erection regularly could be triggered by some psychological factors. Here are the psychological aspects that are usually linked to Ed, and what you can do to overcome them:

Have you been living with depression?

Depression is a highly common cause of ED, regardless of the nature of this physiological condition. This type of problem affect psychologically and physically, resulting in a wide range of inconveniences, in this case, sexual performance problems. If you are suffering from depression, this might be the cause of your ED, even if you might feel comfortable with your sexuality. Also, depression medications are novice in this department as well.

Stress, stress and stress

Stress regarding money, your job, your relationship, family problems and so on can often prevent you from enjoying your sexual experiences to the fullest or even getting an erection. Stress is a burden that you might not be able to leave behind during intercourse and this might explain your erectile dysfunction.

Are you dealing with low self-esteem?

This is probably one of the most frequent factors that trigger the inability to get an erection. Whether you are not confident in your sexual performance, you have certain body issues, or you have experienced ED symptoms in the past and are facing a feeling of inadequacy, there are numerous things that can lead to a low self-esteem and thus affect you in this department. Becoming more confident in yourself, and understanding that erectile dysfunction episodes can happen to numerous men can be of great help.

See a therapist!

Regardless if you are suffering from depression, if you are stressed you might not be satisfying your partner or any other psychological root that might be triggering your ED, the key is to seek help, because dealing with these symptoms effectively on your own can be impossible. A psychologist will use the right techniques to help you obtain a better perspective on things and to keep your sexual performance under control.

Yes, not being able to get an erection can be quite frustrating, and all men experiencing the symptoms of ED can agree on that, but you need to realize that this unpleased issue can be linked to psychological causes, and you can overcome them. Whether it’s stress, lack of confidence, or depression that might have put you in this situation, seeing a therapist and working on yourself will be necessary. Don’t let ED take control of your sex life any further, and start doing something about it, more than just taking some prescribed medicine.

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