Surprising Side Effects Of Obesity You Need to Know About

Surprising Side Effects of Obesity

Obesity comes with numerous side effects, some more obvious than others. Besides making your clothes seem smaller, obesity can damage your organs and become a risk factor for many diseases. Scientists have discovered obesity side effects many aren’t aware of.

Read on to find out more about them.

Developing Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes

Obesity can increase your chances of getting diabetes. That’s because being obese can cause elevated A1C, something used to diagnose diabetes and monitor blood sugar level management. The result shows your average blood sugar levels in the last few months. If you’re obese, losing weight will reduce the risk of diabetes and its side effects.

More Pericardial Fat

Excess body fat is undoubtedly an aesthetic concern for many. However, what’s inside is even more relevant. Built-up fat around your heart, i.e., pericardial fat, is a major risk factor for heart failure. A recent study showed the risk of women experiencing heart failure doubles if they have pericardial fat. For men, this risk is 50% higher.

Increased Visceral Fat

Visceral or belly fat surrounds your internal organs and can interfere with their proper function. According to one study, visceral fat releases inflammatory agents, fatty acids, and hormones that contribute to increased cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose, etc.

Jeopardizing Brain Health

Many aren’t aware of the strong connection between obesity and our brain’s health. A study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology showed that obese people have an increased risk of developing dementia.

Moreover, another study emphasized obesity could be a risk factor for depression.

Be Persistent in Battling Obesity

Beating obesity takes time and effort, but it’s a massive step towards getting your physical and mental health in order. By eating healthy, drinking enough fluids, and exercising regularly, you’ll feel much better. Changing your lifestyle will decrease the risk of diseases and increase your self-esteem and overall quality of life.

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