Improve Your Love Life with These 3 Exercises

exercises to improve your love life

Although we think of love making as a passionate experience, our bodies often disagree – it can be an intense workout that puts our muscles and joints under tension. Enjoying love making can be hard if your body isn’t adequately prepared to endure a period of excessive physical activity. Thus, strengthening these muscles could lead to a better performance in the bedroom, and even increase your libido and erectile function.

So, here are three exercises to improve your love life.

1. Kegels

Also known as pelvic floor exercises, Kegels are often associated with women’s health, as they can help support the uterus. However, it’s a misconception that men can’t benefit from these exercises as much as women can.

As a matter of fact, research shows that pelvic exercises are an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Even if you don’t have this problem, Kegels can certainly help your performance, as they strengthen the perineal muscles – the muscles in charge of your erection.

2. Plank

On-top positions (like missionary) put a lot of pressure on your core muscles. In addition to strengthening your core, planks can give your arms staying power, which can increase your stamina. A stronger core also gives you more thrust and supports your lower back to prevent injury. Start with a regular plank, then work your way up to the more complex variations.

3. Push-ups

Just like the plank, push-ups can do wonders for your core muscles, which makes it one of the best exercises to improve your love life. More than that, push-ups increase your upper body strength, improve your thrust, and increase your overall endurance and stamina. Commit to doing push-ups on a daily basis, and you will surely witness an improvement in your performance.

Final Word

Having control of your body and feeling comfortable during each session is important both for your performance and satisfaction in the bedroom. Roll up your sleeves, get a yoga mat, and start doing these three exercises to improve your love life.

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