Can Drinking Coffee Help Prevent ED?

caffeine and ED

For decades, experts have claimed that drinking coffee is bad for you. But recent studies have shown that it’s far from true. According to one of them, drinking lots of coffee can reduce your risk of premature death. That’s on top of all the other benefits of regular caffeine intake. Scientists are now also studying the link between caffeine and ED.

Caffeine and ED: What’s the Connection?

A 2015 study found that men who drank more coffee were less likely to experience ED. According to the findings, those who drank two cups of coffee a day had 42% less chance of suffering from ED. For those who drank three cups a day the risk was 39% lower. It’s also important to note that the men’s weight didn’t seem to have any effect on the results.

But what is the connection between caffeine and ED? Earlier research showed that drinking coffee may improve the function of small blood vessels. These blood vessels play an important part not only in your heart health but also in your love life. To be able to perform in bed, your body needs a steady flow of blood to and from your pelvic area. As such, caffeine may improve your performance the same way it can boost your coronary health.

The Complete Picture

The authors of the study admit that the link between caffeine and ED is incidental at best. After all, ED is the result of many other factors apart from your coronary health. Stress, smoking, as well as alcohol consumption, can all trigger this condition. Thus, you shouldn’t take these results as a hard fact just yet.

Sure, two or three cups of coffee a day may help you prevent some severe chronic diseases. But to ward off ED, you’ll also have to get rid of stress and adopt healthy lifestyle habits.

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