5 Ways to Tell Your Hormones Are Not Balanced

hormonal imbalance in men

It’s a common misconception that only women go through hormonal changes. Unlike the female menopause, male hormonal shifts happen slowly and gradually, affecting different body functions over an extended time period. Some scientists have dubbed this phenomenon “the male menopause”.

So, what are the signs of hormonal imbalance in men?

Hair Loss

The hormone in our body responsible for hair growth is called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and it’s catalyzed from testosterone by an enzyme called 5α-reductase. Research has found that a deficiency of this enzyme can lead to androgenetic alopecia – male pattern baldness.

Low Sex Drive

Poor libido can also be a good indicator of hormonal imbalance in men. We all know about the important role testosterone plays in the male reproductive system, and it has been indicated that a testosterone imbalance can lead to decreased sex drive.

Weight Gain

Testosterone is important for muscle and bone growth, which is why low testosterone can result in an increase of body fat. Research shows that testosterone is effective as a treatment for overweight men with testosterone deficiency, as it increases energy consumption and improves cardio-metabolic function.


Your depression and anxiety may also be a result of low testosterone. Several studies found a link between low testosterone and depression, although scientists are still not sure how this link works. On the other hand, testosterone supplementation can be used to treat depression.

Larger Breasts

Low testosterone isn’t the only indicator of a hormonal imbalance in men. Also known as gynecomastia, breast enlargement in men often happens when estrogen levels increase and testosterone levels start to drop.

Final Word

Some of these symptoms are a result of the natural aging process, while others may be caused by stress. If you notice a combination of these symptoms, contact your doctor and ask about potential treatment options.

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