5 Ways to Get Out of a Bad Date and Not Be Rude

how do you end a bad date

We’ve all been there – you’re on a date that’s going terribly wrong, and you just don’t feel a connection. You have no mutual interests, you want different things in life, and you have completely different viewpoints on all important issues. But, ending it can sometimes be hard without offending your date.

So, how do you end a bad date?

Don’t Call it a Date

The best way to get yourself out of this position is to avoid getting into it in the first place. Instead of calling this first meeting “a date”, try to arrange a casual coffee. This way, it will feel less awkward if it goes bad, as you can just sit through 30 minutes and make an excuse to leave.

An Honest Approach

In this online dating era we live in, people are used to being mismatched. If you feel like your date isn’t going well, just be sincere and polite, and say something along the lines of “I think this isn’t going to work out”. Everybody appreciates honesty.

Set an End Time

Setting an end time to your date in advance can be a great safety net. If you limit your date to an hour, even if it’s the worst date ever, it won’t take long. Don’t worry – if you like the person, you can always arrange a second date.

Send Signals

If it seems like your date doesn’t realize this meeting isn’t going as planned, make sure they know how you feel so that their expectations meet yours. Tell your date subtly that you’re not interested in a relationship, or that you just got out of a long one.

Emergency Call

If the date is a complete disaster and your companion doesn’t seem to pick up on your signals, you may instruct your friend to call you at a specific time so you can leave. Consider this the last resort of how do you end a bad date, as it’s quite awkward and doesn’t feel comfortable to anyone involved.

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