5 Signs That You’re Attracted to Intelligent Women

signs you’re a sapiosexual

Suddenly falling for one of your best female friends after years of not finding her particularly attractive could be a sign you don’t perceive attractiveness like other people. Sapiosexual is a term used to describe people who are attracted to other people’s minds, and it seems to be getting some traction in the scientific community.

Here are five signs you’re a sapiosexual.

You Fall for Someone Gradually

Love, at first sight, is a very romantic concept, but slowly developing feelings for someone you love as a friend can be even more precious. If you take more time to like someone that could be a good indication you’re getting attracted to their mind, rather than their body.

You’re not Attracted by What They Have

If you find fashion, money, and material values very superficial, you might be a sapiosexual. Rather than judging someone by the clothes they wear or the car they drive, a sapiosexual looks for a partner that has a thirst for knowledge.

You Don’t Like Casual Sex

Although sapiosexuals may enjoy a one-night stand or casual sex from time to time, what fulfills them are deep conversations and intelligent discussions.

Knowledge Turns You on

Perhaps it goes without saying, but finding intelligence attractive is one of the key signs you’re a sapiosexual. Your ideal partner doesn’t exactly need to have a Ph.D., but it helps if they love knowledge or science and are generally interested in learning new things.

You Hate Bad Grammar

We can all put up with abbreviations and cute emojis, but sapiosexuals are much more likely to find it them annoying. Being attracted to someone’s writing style and expressions is a good indicator you’re attracted to knowledge.


So, there you go – five common signs you’re a sapiosexual. If you notice some of these in your behavior, you can be sure that intelligence is one the main criteria by which you choose your partners.

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