5 Foods Men Should Avoid If They Are Over 50

foods men should avoid

Eating all foods in moderation is never a bad choice, but some foods should have no place in a healthy diet. Although you don’t need to cut these out completely, you should reduce them and make sure you only eat them in rare opportunities.

Here are some foods men should avoid if they’re over 50.

Processed Meat

Not only do these meats have a lot of fat but they have also been linked to colorectal cancer. Replace meats like pepperoni, bologna, and salami with turkey or chicken breast, as they contain much less fat while packing a lot of protein.

Protein Bars

Although they seem like a great choice for a quick dose of protein, many of these bars are packed with sugars. Too much sugar can lead to an increased risk of heart disease (a major health concern for men over 50), so avoid these bars or at least check their sugar content.

Ribeye Steak

With 12 grams of saturated fat (60% of your DRI) in a 9 oz. serving, this cut of meat is one of the fattiest meats there is. If you’re really craving for beef, go for leaner cuts like a sirloin steak.


What makes pickles one of the foods men should avoid is their high content of salt. One cup of pickles contains 80 percent of our recommended daily intake of salt, according to The American Heart Association.

Canned Soup

Just like pickles, canned soup is loaded with salt, which has been linked to cardiovascular problems. To make sure your canned soup doesn’t have too much salt, a good rule of thumb is going for soups that have fewer milligrams of sodium per serving than calories.


So, there you go – some of the foods men should avoid, especially if they’re over 50. Reduce these foods in your diet, and you’re one step closer to a healthy life.

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