4 Foods That Can Cause Body Odor in Men

foods that can cause body odor

Fighting with B.O. (Body Odor) can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. There are times when you can do everything right – take a shower, groom, and apply deodorant – but you still get a panic attack when you smell yourself in the middle of the day while sitting at the office. Many factors contribute to B.O. – grooming, physical activity, stress, and even the foods you eat.

Here are some foods that can cause body odor.


Although it’s filled with valuable nutrients, fish is one of the smelliest foods that can leave a smell on your fingers that can stay there for hours. There is also a rare condition called trimethylaminuria where your body can’t break down trimethylamine, a compound released while digesting fish, poultry, and eggs. According to one study, out of 353 people who experienced unexplainable B.O., 118 of them had this condition.

Onions and Garlic

Any food that has this kind of impact on your breath should be considered one of the worst foods that can cause body odor. A large proportion of odors we emit come from our mouths, so eating these two foods can be bad news for your B.O.


A study published in the journal Chemical Senses found that men who ate beef two times a day for two weeks were more likely to smell bad. The smell was assessed by 30 women who concluded that men who didn’t eat red meat smelled more attractive.


Drinking too much alcohol can result in a particularly bad morning breath. More than that, alcohol can dry your mouth which is a big problem, since our body uses saliva to wash out dead cells.


If you’re worried about your B.O., try to reduce these foods that can cause body odor from your diet, or at least watch out when you eat them. Eating fish seasoned with garlic can be very healthy, but it’s best if you avoid it before work or a date.

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