You Are Not Alone So Don’t Shy Away From Talking About ED

Worldwide, men aged 30 and above suffer from ED and more than fifty percent are left undiagnosed. The prevalence and severity of ED rise among men at age 50 and older.

A global health study was conducted to assess the sexual habits of men under ED medication. Almost seventy-five percent of men with ED plan to have sexual intercourse several hours in advance. The study finds these men have sex six times per month.

Results of the study show the ultimate significance of sexual well being in maintaining general health and a good relationship. Experts recommend that part of delivering a holistic care should include a brief sexual history. This should form a part of routinary medical history taking.

Why is ED Underdiagnosed?

All over the world, there is a high rate of underdiagnosis of ED. This is due to the difficulty in diagnosis and factors that limit the patient to reveal his condition

First, patients with ED feel humiliation and embarrassment. They have this notion that ED is a basic part of aging or a complication brought by existing medical conditions. They are not even aware of any treatment options. More often, they are too reluctant to deal with this sexual concern.

On the side of medical practitioners, physicians may be inexperienced on certain sexual issues or just find it taboo. Hurting their patient’s ego may be their least option.

How ED Affects the Mental State of a Person

Psychological well being and erectile dysfunction have a direct relationship. Men with depression are at risk of developing this nightmare. At the same time, this condition may also lead to emotional and mental problems such as depression.

Erectile dysfunction can lead to emotional stress including low self-esteem, anxiety, frustration, and anger. Experts believe that treatment of the condition should consider one’s psychological and emotional health history. Erectile dysfunction and emotional stresses have a direct linkage to psycho-social problems including relationships and past experiences.

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