Will ED Always Occur at an Older Age?

Age has come up in many discussions in regards to ED. Some consider it as inescapable truth behind ED conditions in older men. This is because they face having non-firm erections, non-fulfillment during sexual intercourse and above all the discomfiture of feeling inadequate as a man. To further understand the inescapable part of ED with age, here are some points that are worth considering.

Understanding ED

This is a medical condition that results in an individuals’ inability to get and maintain a strong erection during sexual intercourse. ED can be described as having less intensive sexual orgasms, taking quite a long time to acquire a full arousal, less or flabby erection or even taking longer to achieve an orgasm.

It is assumed that as an individual ages, this ability is lost to him resulting in ED. However, it is essential to note that ED is not as a result of aging. It is as a result of the conditions that come as a result of one’s age.

Age-related conditions that lead to EDs

There are many challenges that old people face. Some of these conditions are the underlying forces that cause ED. These conditions are medical or psychological or are based on lifestyle.

Medical conditions

Age brings with it many medical conditions. Some of these include hormonal imbalances, neurological disorders, cardiovascular health challenges among others. In addition, having faced surgeries as a younger man, the effects are often felt at a later age. The surge in these conditions can result in ED.


Psychological conditions

Worry and anxiety is a daily dose for every individual. Aging doesn’t make it go away. Therefore, worrying, stressing and being anxious result in EDs especially for the old. Mental stress can lead to low esteem, as a result, and poor self-confidence levels, which translate to lower sexual drive.



Age comes with a difference in our lifestyles. Overdependence on smoking is a lifestyle that is quite difficult especially once you have aged. This also includes taking excessive amounts of caffeine, not working out as necessary as possible and even drug use or alcohol abuse among others. As you age, these are traits that are hard to fight off resulting in ED.

Age causes ED indirectly. Gaining in age does not guarantee that you will suffer from ED. Therefore, it is indeed escapable and avoidable even with age. However, you as individual need to be careful with your practices, lifestyle choices and protect yourselves from medical conditions that may cause ED.

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