Why Sexting Is Good for Your Relationship

why sexting is good

Most in-depth articles on sexting tend to focus on its negative aspects. But two students at the Drexel University decided to take a different approach. They wanted to find out if adults enjoy sexting and how it affects their intimate lives. The results of their study also show why sexting is good for a relationship.

Do Adults Sext?

A total of 870 adults, both male and female, took part in this study. Their ages ranged from 18 all the way up to 82. The most surprising finding was that more than 80 percent of them had sexted at least once. In fact, most of them have done so within the prior year.

Of course, sexting isn’t only about exchanging sexually explicit photos. It includes all forms of messages with suggestive content, including texts and emails. As such, when they talk about sexting, the participants refer to both texts and emails in equal measure.

The interesting findings don’t end there. It turns out that women are as likely to engage in sexting as men. Also, it turns out that their experiences are uniformly positive.

Why Sexting Matters

Most of the people who enjoy sexting have said that it has helped their relationships. The researchers interpreted their answers to try and explain why sexting is good in a relationship.

Sexting does a lot to build up the excitement in those who take part in it. The more often partners exchange sexts, the more satisfied they are with their love life. This will also translate into their sex lives, making it spicier as a result.

While the results explain why sexting is good, they also show how it can be bad for some. If people don’t enjoy sexting, yet their partners insist on it, they might start to feel unhappy with their relationship. As such, it will reflect negatively on their sex lives.

Further research in the same vein could explain how sexting could be beneficial to different types of couples therapy. Until then, make sure that your sexts are in good taste and that your partner enjoys them as much as you do.

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