What Causes an Overactive Bladder and How Can You Treat It?

overactive bladder causes

A urinary disorder that can affect both women and men, an overactive bladder manifests in a wide range of symptoms. Although it can be a standalone condition, it is usually a sign of an underlying medical problem. Here are some of the most common overactive bladder causes and treatment options.

Overactive Bladder Causes

An overactive bladder (OAB) can be caused by a wide range of medical conditions. Usually, it’s related to a prostate problem – prostate growth that comes with age or a more serious condition like prostate cancer. It affects between 11% and 16% of men and is more prevalent with age.

Other conditions that could cause OAB include:

  • Diabetes;
  • Bladder or urinary tract infections;
  • Bladder stones;
  • Diet;
  • Certain medications.

The most common symptom of this condition is the uncontrollable need to urinate. Other symptoms include difficulty to start urination and having a split or weak urine stream.

Treatment Options for OAB

Fortunately, there are many treatment options available for this condition. Here are some of them.

  • Lifestyle changes – changing your diet and lifestyle habits can go a long way towards treating your overactive bladder. It won’t be enough by itself but it’s a great first step.
  • Weight loss – obesity is one of the key risk factors for OAB. Controlling your weight combined with effective medication can be a quick way to get rid of OAB symptoms.
  • Medication – if your OAB is caused by prostate problems, your doctor may prescribe you alpha-blockers.

If all else fails, you may require surgery to correct problems with the prostate, urethra, and bladder.


So, there you go – the most common overactive bladder causes and treatments. Contact your doctor if you have problems urinating, as they can be caused by a variety of conditions that all require different treatment.

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