Watch Out for These 3 Warning Signs of ED

signs of erectile dysfunction

Because erectile dysfunction is so common, many men worry that they might have it. As with any other health condition, spotting it early allows for easier treatment. When in doubt, look for these three signs of erectile dysfunction. If you recognize any one of them, you should seek professional health immediately.

1. Lack of Sex Drive

Failure to perform in the bedroom is one of the surefire signs of erectile dysfunction. Many men will be unable to get an erection when having sex with their partner. When it happens once or twice, it’s nothing to worry about. But when it starts occurring on a regular basis, it’s time to do something. Experts relate this problem to stress, so that might be the culprit in your case, too.

2. Having Erections While You’re Asleep

You know how it goes: when you need something, you can’t have it, but when you don’t need it, there it is. Your erection is no exception to this rule. If you fail to achieve it during intercourse, but are often aroused while you sleep, it may mean that there’s a bigger issue at play. In most cases, it’s your psyche that’s causing this. Perhaps you’re unhappy with your relationship or there’s something else that’s bothering you. Whatever the reason, address the underlying issues to try and fix the problem.

3. Excessive Use of Medications

It’s no secret that many men use some form of Viagra to enhance their performance. While it may provide occasional help, it can create a lot of issues in the long run. As with all types of meds, your body will become dependent on it after a while. In fact, some men are unable to achieve erection without taking a pill, even if they were perfectly healthy when they started using it. So, if you need pills to have sex, it may be one of the signs of erectile dysfunction.

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habits that cause erectile dysfunction

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