Top 3 Harmless Reasons Why Johnny is Not Keeping Attention

When you are in bed with the woman you truly desire, there’s nothing more embarrassing or more depressing than failing to get an erection.

Though older guys experience ED brought by the aging process, the population of young men also suffers the same. Not getting a hard on is not an absolute signal that you already have ED.

It all comes down to the psychological and environmental aspects of a man. There are harmless reasons why Johnny cannot perform. Take note of these factors, so you won’t find yourself freaking out next time.

Blame The Alcohol

Too much alcohol can kill your mood in bed. That is certain. Alcohol is considered as a stimulant in small amounts, but in excess, it’s a potent depressant to your central nervous system. Alcohol decreases blood flow to your genitals preventing you from getting a hard-on.

Consuming alcohol during a romantic or unexpected dinner date will make you relaxed and be in the mood to socialize with your lady, but it doesn’t work that way when you go overboard.

Know your limits and stick to 2 drinks daily. Though we have different tolerance levels, keep in mind the effects of alcohol before ordering that glass of whiskey.

Stress Makes The Mess

Physical, mental, and emotional stress can both alter your mood. What happens during this period of pressure?

When you are stressed, your body’s defense mechanism is to mobilize the critical organs of your body for them to function well. Sorry but your genitals is not one of your body’s priorities.

A spike in the hormone cortisol blocks the effects of testosterone, causing a drop in your libido and making it difficult for you to initiate an erection. The good news is, alleviating the causes of your stress will bring back your driving performance.

You’re Under Medication

Most of the medicines for the heart cause an effect on Johnny. Medications include antihypertensives such as beta-blockers and diuretics such as hydrochlorothiazide. These drugs interfere with your nervous system, blood vessel, and blood volume, causing a decreased blood flow to your tool.

Talking to your doctor regarding the side effects of these medications is one of the first and best solutions available. He can lower the dose, frequency, or type of your medication without letting your condition suffer.

Be conscious of these harmless reasons of not getting an erection so you can pump the rod next time.

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