Tips for Talking to Your Partner About ED

how to talk to your partner about ED

Many men who suffer from ED feel ashamed and embarrassed about their condition. They may retreat emotionally and physically from their partner as a result of their fears of under-performing in the bedroom. Since most men don’t want or know how to talk to their partner about ED, the silence is enough to strain any relationship.

Take a moment to think how your partner feels about your struggles with ED. The intimacy and emotional support you once shared has declined. Your partner may no longer feel sexually desirable. Her self-esteem and confidence may also drop causing friction in the relationship.

Though you may be struggling with your feelings of desperation and inadequacy, many of these feelings may be irrational. By discussing your ED openly with your partner, you deal with the issue together. You bravely begin a support network to help reduce the physical and emotional toll of erectile dysfunction.

Tips for Talking to Your Partner about ED

  • Do your best to be open and honest. Although it may put you in a vulnerable position, it allows your partner a glimpse into your feelings about ED.
  • Don’t play the blame game. A sensitive discussion like this could quickly turn into a yelling, finger pointing argument when the blaming starts. Use “I” statements whenever possible to avoid placing blame. For example, “I feel you aren’t attracted to me anymore because of my ED.”
  • Search for solutions together. Brainstorm alternative sexual techniques and ways of pleasuring each other when ED occurs. Discuss seeing professionals and possible treatment options you are willing to try.
  • Form an alliance. You and your partner are in this together. The more you support each other, the closer and more focused you will be to battle ED.

Don’t let your relationship fail because of erectile dysfunction. Talking to your partner about ED may not be easy at first, but it will prove worthwhile for the strength of your relationship.

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