This Unusual New Method Could Help Men with ED

new treatment for ED

Although new methods and medications to treat ED are constantly being developed, there is still no definite solution to this problem that could help everyone. However, new research has recently brought to attention a type of metal as a potential treatment for ED. This memory metal is heat-activated and initial tests have shown promising results that could paint this method as a new treatment for ED.

Current ED Treatments

Besides common ED medication like sildenafil, there are currently two procedures used to restore erectile function.

  • Inflatable prosthesis – the best available solution, it includes two cylinders being inserted into the penis and connected to a saline reservoir. This reservoir is then connected to a pump. By pressing this pump, a man can fill the cylinders with saline and achieve an erection. The drawback of this method is that it can feel awkward and cause complications.
  • Malleable implant – this is the more simple and cheap option. However, because it provides a permanently erect penis and can sometimes change its shape, many people avoid using it.

Potential New Treatment for ED

To help resolve these issues, a new method is being developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The scientists are using Nitinol – a compound currently used in endovascular surgery because of its elastic properties.

This nickel-titanium alloy is heat-activated, meaning it stays flaccid at body temperature but elongates when heated. What’s more, the material then “remembers” this elongated shape. The heat is applied by a remote device that can heat the Nitinol to the needed temperature to cause expanding.


This research shows a lot of promise and gives us hope that we could have a new treatment for ED in the next decade. More importantly, this new treatments has very little drawbacks compared to currently available treatments.

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