This Unusual Cosmetic Procedure Is Becoming Popular Among Men

botox for testicles

When we talk about plastic surgeries, people often think about women. And, while breast enlargement and botox treatments are cosmetic procedures that predominantly interest women, there are several procedures that men seem to be interested in. One of those is commonly known as scrotox – the injection of botox in the testicles to make them look more appealing.

So, how can you use botox for testicles and is it worth it?

What Is Botox?

We’ve all heard about this substance, and we’re familiar with its role in the beauty industry, but what is botox exactly? Botox is actually extracted from the botulinum toxin – one of the most toxic substances science knows of. Just one gram of this substance is enough to kill over a million people.

However, when controlled and used medically, this compound has proven to be very successful. It works by preventing the nerve cells’ signals from reaching our muscles. This paralyzes the muscles and removes facial wrinkles. In addition to its role in the beauty industry, Botox is also very helpful for conditions like spasms, chronic migraine, and many others.

How Can You Use Botox for Testicles?

Just like our faces wrinkle with age, our testicles develop wrinkles over time. And, just like it does with face wrinkles, Botox can be used to smoothen out our testicles and give them a more appealing look. Not only that, but it can also make them hang lower and appear bigger, which is another reason why the procedure may seem appealing for some men.

However, only one study has been done on the use of botox on testicles, and it was about their effectiveness in pain treatment.


If you’re interested in using botox for testicles, be sure to contact your doctor before going through with the procedure. Although the procedure is not very dangerous, your doctor can help you understand its risk and potential benefits better.

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