The Difference Between ED and Infertility

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There is a common myth that men struggling with ED are unable to reproduce. Although due to their inability to get and maintain an erection, generally, these patients are unable to have children on their own, until the issue is removed, this does not mean that they are infertile. Also, although in somewhere around 25 % of infertile couples, one partner is struggling with ED, this does not mean that their sperm count is lower than in healthy individuals. For many, there is a blurry line between ED and infertility. Because of this, we have some information in the following paragraphs.

ED: what is it?

Erectile dysfunction is a type of sexual dysfunction characterised by the inability to gain and maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. ED can occur as a result of either physical or psychological triggers. Some of the most common physiological causes of ED are cardiovascular disease and diabetes. However, in some of the cases, there cannot be identified a physiological cause. This is when a psychological cause is usually suspected. Pharmaceutical treatment is the first line of defence against this sexual dysfunction.

Infertility: what is it?

A male’s ability to reproduce relies on the number and quantity of their sperm. If its number or quality is poor and other fertility issues cannot be identified in the patient’s partner, then it’s safe to state that the male is the one with fertility issues.

The link between erectile dysfunction and infertility

As previously mentioned, in about 25 % of the couples that struggle with infertility, the male is also facing erectile dysfunction issues. This can also be a source of conflict inside the relationship. The stress caused by the inability to procreate can also contribute to accentuating the ED experienced by the man. Recent research has shown that under strict guidance, males can overcome ED-related infertility issues. Also, specialists recommend relying on Viagra as a last resort. Instead, specialists advise their patients to adapt their diets in such a manner to improve and eliminate ED issues. It has been proven that an increased intake of nitric oxide improves sexual performance. A higher intake of NO will increase the physical responsiveness of the penile muscles and nerves which will increase erectile response. This way, medical staff all over the world is convinced that ED-related infertility cases are prone to decrease in the following years. Dr Louis Ignarro also received a Nobel Prize for discovering NO’s role in penile responsiveness.

What could one do to increase their sexual performance?

Visiting a specialist has to be the first step when you start noticing a decrease of your libido levels or any kind of sexual dysfunction, especially ED. They can investigate your issue and they are able to develop an action strategy in order to downscale the problems. They will offer specialised guidance in terms of practices and diet guidelines, as well as any potential medication that might help you.

ED is not the same syndrome as infertility. Seek professional help and you will most likely be able to reproduce.

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