The Detoxing Fad: Myths and Truths

detoxing is a myth

Detoxing is a popular wellness ritual that promises to cleanse your body from toxins and other harmful substances. Yet there’s very little proof that detoxing products, techniques, and diets work. In fact, according to many experts, detoxing is a myth. Let’s look at the two most common myths about detoxing and the actual truth behind them.

Your Body Can’t Get Rid of Toxins on Its Own

Those who endorse detoxing claim that it helps your body get rid of toxins. In reality, your body already has a dedicated mechanism for this purpose. It all starts with your kidneys that collect toxins and turn them into urine waste. Then there’s your liver that collects toxins from your bloodstream. It breaks them down in two stages and ejects them from your body in the form of feces.

Finally, there’s your small intestine, which plays an important part in digestion. This is crucial because most toxins in your body come from the foods you eat. The small intestine breaks down the food and releases the nutrients from it into the bloodstream.

Juicing is Better Than Eating Whole Fruits

Juicing is a popular detoxing method of drinking fruit and veggie juices to boost your health. There are also claims that drinking fruit juice is better than eating the actual fruit. This, according to juicing advocates, is because elimination of fibers makes it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients. But according to science, this aspect of detoxing is a myth.

By eliminating the fibers, you also eliminate the antioxidants from fruits. In fact, most juicers will get rid of up to 90 percent of the fibers. Several studies have found that eating the whole fruit has more health benefits than drinking its juice. As it turns out, it’s the fibers that make all the difference. Also, drinking 100-percent fruit juices may result in obesity and liver damage.

Final Word

Based on firm scientific proof, detoxing is a myth. Due to your body’s ability to rid itself of toxins, it’s also unnecessary. Moreover, some studies suggest it may even be dangerous.

There are better ways to take care of your body. Eat a healthy diet consisting of foods that are rich in important nutrient. Also, complement your diet with regular physical activity. Finally, avoid stress and try to get quality sleep every night.

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