Sorted: The woman’s guide to ED

ED is the worst thing that can happen to men, affecting their quality of life very much. They experience ongoing difficulties in the bedroom and it’s difficult, if not impossible, for men to stop erectile dysfunction from getting them down and being the best persons that they can be. There are very many people who suffer from the inability to get or maintain an erection. They feel worthless and hate the fact that they can’t rise up to the occasion. Okay, okay, we have an idea about know how men feel. But what about women? They’re not totally unaffected by what’s happening to their partners. Actually, they tend to blame themselves, believing they’ve done something wrong. If you’re struggling with such feelings, then you need to read this woman’s guide to ED.

Your partner’s ED isn’t your fault

Surprising or not, the great vast majority of women think that their partner’s erectile dysfunction is their own fault. Women strongly believe that they aren’t attractive enough for their significant other anymore and, of course, that they are the cause of the problem. If you’re like most women, then you take things personally too. Well, you shouldn’t because it has nothing to do with you. ED or erectile dysfunction (whichever designation you prefer) is caused by physical factors, such as clogged blood vessels, and emotional ones. As a matter of fact, the medical condition has a combination of causes. The point is that you’re not to blame for your spouse’s sexual dysfunction. The sexual difficulties that your man is experiencing have a completely different root.

Difficulties of talking about the sexual problem

There’s nothing worse for men than losing their jobs. Oh wait, there is. Having ED. Men hate talking about sexual problems and it’s not hard to understand why. They feel embarrassed. When things don’t go perfectly, everything loses its balance. If your significant other is going through problems, they won’t raise the topic. Waiting for your partner to talk about their erectile dysfunction is a huge mistake because it’ll never happen. Even if it does, you have to wait a long time. The very best way to deal with things is to bring up the topic of ED. Yes, you. As you start to unravel the issue, be supportive. Most importantly, you’ve got to make your partner go see a doctor. Just as they’re unwilling to talk about what’s bothering them, men are unwilling to discuss with a medical practitioner and get treatment. Understand that ED isn’t only your spouse’s problem.

Get help together

Of course, there are medical fixes for erectile dysfunction. Oral medications are particularly successful. However, there are other solutions available. For the sake of your relationship, go see a sexual therapist. An expert of this kind can help you and your significant other to manage the erectile dysfunction. What you’ll see when you got to therapy is that most clients are middle-aged men, just like your partner. While it’s normal to experience trouble every now and then, it’s not normal to struggle to achieve sexual performance. Anyway, therapy will do the two of you a world of good.

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