Protect Your Lower Back With These 5 Tips

As we age, our muscle mass starts to dwindle away, and this is true for the muscles that support our back. This can pose a threat to your back when you try to do something you used to do when you were younger and stronger.

Luckily you can protect your back from harm by taking steps to strengthen its muscles and by taking precautions that will eliminate many of the risks. Here are a few things you can do now that will stop any harm from coming to your back and putting you out of commision for a while:

Strengthen your core muscles

The muscles that support the entire body and the spine are the core muscles. Without them, we would be a limp body flopping around on two legs. Doing core exercises at least every other day will help us to have a stronger support system for our spine, so we don’t hurt it easily.

Strengthen your gluteal muscles

The hips and buttocks are equally as important to help support the back as the core muscles. Making sure to include hip and glute strengthening exercises into your regular workout routine will help to support your back.

Don’t sit so long

Sitting for too long is bad for your back. In order to take the stress off your back, take frequent breaks from sitting and move around. This can be as simple as getting up and getting a drink of water or something like a quick mini stretching routine or brisk walk.

Take a walk every day

Speaking of walking, the best exercise for your back is a brisk walk. The pressure is released off the spine, and you also strengthen the stabilizing hip muscles.

Lift correctly

There is a reason there are posters all over workplaces that urge workers to lift with their legs. Lifting with your back will hurt it! The best way to put this into practice is to go down to one knee, keeping your back straight and tightening your stomach muscles, then lift the object while pushing off your knee.


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