Overdependence in Prescriptions, Supplements, and ED

Medications are often prescribed for our own benefits. However, medications can or may have adverse side effects and cause conditions such as ED. Well, if you had a normal sexual relationship or intercourse with a partner before starting on medications or supplements, maybe the condition is as a result of your current prescriptions/ supplements. If having challenges maintaining that penis erect, then take a look and evaluate the medications and supplements in your cabinet.

Counter Drugs

These are non-prescribed medications that we take whenever we feel down without medical advice. Continued intake of non-prescribed drugs can result in overdependence, addiction among other effects. This is because they are unsanctioned and their intake is unregulated. The interactions between the drugs and your body become intertwined such that one can’t function without them. This affects the individual body and sexual health at once.


Supplements often result in overdependence. For example, if used to taking a muscle relaxant and growth supplement, you become so used to it such that you can’t function without it. This results in inactivity if the supplement is not taken within a specific period. It may also result in hormonal imbalances, high or low blood flow and circulation and advanced risks to acquiring ED.

Prescription medications that are associated with ED

Prescription medication should be taken until you complete the dose. Therefore, even though you suspect that they are causing ED, you are not allowed to stop taking them. You are advised to seek medical advice or explain the condition to your physician. However, it is fundamental to know and identify some of the prescription medication types that may cause ED. These include but are not limited to:

  • Prostate cancer drugs or medications
  • Chemotherapy drugs
  • Muscle stimulants, relaxants and growth enhancers
  • Anti -anxiety, antidepressants and therapeutic drugs
  • High or low blood pressure and diuretics medications or drugs

Dependence on medical prescriptions, drugs or supplements as a way to remedy ED is advised against. In addition, identifying which of these is causing the condition in you is a starting point. Remember, your nerves, the blood flow and your hormones come first when it comes to ED. Preserving them, means preserving and enhancing your sexual health. Therefore, be sure to seek medical advice from a qualified and experienced physician before taking any supplement or drug. In addition, if the prescription medications are the main cause, seek advice or have them changed by your physician.

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