Link between ED and Your Emotional Health


Studies have shown that in some cases psychological factors are responsible for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) other than physical challenges. Consider a child or an individual that was abused and sexually molested, sometimes such traumatic incidents leave a scar that makes them not to be very keen on sex and is consequently directly responsible for future ED issues.


The psychological health of a person affects his/her emotional health and wellbeing which in turn may lead to Erectile Dysfunction.

Some psychological causes of erectile dysfunction include:

  • Stress: Personal and professional stress, stress due to pressure from work and issues with marriage and family as well as monetary issues can lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Guilt; The performance anxiety associated with sexually satisfying a new lover may lead to poor sexual performance which may, in turn, affect the self-esteem, confidence and emotional health.
  • Depression; It’s one of the crucial factors that directly causes erectile dysfunction due to the drugs taken and also it affects the emotional health and physical well-being of the person it leads to poor sexual performance.
  • Fear of Reoccurrence: A person who has suffered erectile dysfunction in the past may be scared that it may happen again.
  • Low libido: When there is little to no interest in sex, due to age, dispute with lover, stress, etc.


Erectile dysfunction is common among men at least to some extent it is normal for it to happen once or twice but when it persists, it is advisable to visit an expert.

Talking about this issue with a partner and ultimately an expert is vital to solving this problem. It is also important that some stress relieving exercises and meditation be done to free the mind and re-invigorate your sex life.

Some drugs like Viagra can be beneficial to increase confidence and help in sexual performance, also have a daily exercise routine and performing certain exercise can be very helpful in curing erectile dysfunction.


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