Letting Go: The 5 Post-Breakup Stages All Men Go Through

post-breakup stages

Ending a long-term relationship is never easy, even if it ended for a good reason. Breaking up with someone you love almost feels like you’ve lost someone, and our mind has several mechanisms to cope with this. Here’s how the famous five stages of grief can be looked at as post-breakup stages.

1. Denial

At first, you’ll try to deny that anything has happened. You’ll think that it’s just temporary and that you’ll get back together in a matter of days. Denial is one of the most common defense mechanisms, so try to surround yourself with people who can help you acknowledge the truth and cope with it.

2. Anger

Grief often disguises itself as anger. You’ll find someone to blame for the way you feel – usually your ex, other people, or even the universe. At this point, you need to realize that more than one person is responsible for a breakup and you both are suffering equally.

3. Bargaining

One of the most difficult post-breakup stages is bargaining. This is when you try to convince yourself that you should give it another try. After all, just one text or phone call could end the pain. Try to remember the reason you broke up and avoid contact with your partner by all means.

4. Depression

After a long period of sadness, it will eventually progress into depression. If you can’t sleep, eat, or do anything productive – you may be slipping into depression. Surround yourself with positive people or visit a psychiatrist for professional help.

5. Acceptance

The healthiest of the post-breakup stages, acceptance is when you realize what happened is real and you do your best to move on with your life. Starting a new hobby or working out regularly can help you enforce the feeling of a new beginning and positive changes.

Final Word

So, there you go – the five post-breakup stages all men go through. Remember, however hard it may feel, you broke up for a reason. Once you realize it’s for the best, you’re one step closer to moving on.

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