Is It Safe to Use Protein Powders After the Expiration Date?

using a protein powder after the expiration date

So, you started going to the gym full of enthusiasm, you bought a supply of some effective supplements, but then you stopped going to the gym for several months. Now you’re back in the game and you’re stuck with 10 pounds of protein past its expiration date. Can you use it or should you toss it away and splash a couple of bucks on a new case?

Using a protein powder after the expiration date has some shortcomings.

Is It Safe to Use?

The most important question here is whether using a protein powder after the expiration date can damage your health. Protein may be important for muscle growth, but your health is even more important.

Fortunately, protein powders don’t spoil as easily as eggs or milk. Since the powder and its container are very dry, this makes it extremely hard for the bacteria to grow. So, unless you keep your protein powder in a humid and warm environment, you should be fine.

Is It Effective

After the good news, here come the bad. Although the powder is highly unlikely to go bad to the point it can cause a reaction, the expiration date is there for a reason.

If it’s long past the expiration date, you will likely notice a change in taste. It may also lose some of its effectiveness due to Maillard browning – a chemical reaction where protein can react with sugar. This breaks down the amino acid called lysine, which plays an important part in muscle building.


Using a protein powder after the expiration date isn’t necessarily dangerous, but the powder does lose some of its potency. So, if you want quick results, you might be better off buying a new supply.

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